Kaldi to Matlab Conversion Tools
Kaldi to Matlab Conversion Tools Documentation

This page provides a set of software tools to read and write the following Kaldi file formats in Matlab:

Licence and citation

This software was authored by Emmanuel Vincent (Inria) and Shinji Watanabe (MERL) and is distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License version 3.

If you use this software in a publication, please cite

Emmanuel Vincent and Shinji Watanabe, Kaldi to Matlab conversion tools, http://kaldi-to-matlab.gforge.inria.fr/, 2014.



Note: the environment variable LD_PRELOAD must be defined before starting Matlab, as the C++ and Fortran libraries included in Matlab are outdated and do not allow execution of Kaldi commands within Matlab.

Note: this software was tested with version 4073 of kaldi-trunk. It is likely to work with older or younger versions too, but this is not guaranteed due to changes in the Kaldi file formats over time.


To get information about each function, after the Matlab prompt, type 'help' followed by the name of the function, e.g.,

help readkaldifeatures